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Endeavour Group (EDV) 1Q24 sales result

Focusing on returns

03 November 2023

Endeavour reported group sales growth of 2.1% in 1Q24. The underlying trends were similar for both the Retail and Hotels division and we expect growth to remain near this rate over the remainder of FY24e. In Retail, the company’s revenue growth is catching up to market growth, but industry-wide volumes are in decline. In Hotels, the company is stepping back from acquisitions, focusing more on renewals and redevelopments.

Endeavour Group (EDV) 3Q23 sales result

Mixed signals in its sales recovery

04 May 2023

Endeavour Group reported a modest lift in 3Q23 sales with improved sales in Retail still lagging the rate of inflation and the Hotel segment sales recovery driven by lower margin food and beverage sales. Endeavour should report earnings growth in FY23e, but growth may step down in FY24e as soft sales trends, weaker gaming sales and higher wage costs places pressure on profit margins.

Endeavour (EDV) 1H23 result insights

Margins back to “normal”

01 February 2023

Endeavour Group reported 1H23 EBIT growth of 16%. The result was characterised by a strong increase in profit margins in Hotels and good cost control in its Retail segment. However, when we look at performance from 1H20 to 1H23, operating cost growth has outstripped revenue growth in both Retail and Hotels. Cost growth will remain a headwind in our view over the next two years. Another unknown for investors is higher capex (or opex) associated with Endeavour’s technology transition over the next four years. We expect very limited earnings growth over the next two years as operating cost growth limits margin expansion.

Endeavour Group (EDV) 3Q22 result insights

Mixed sales fortunes

21 April 2022

Endeavour Group reported 3Q22 Easter-adjusted sales decline of 0.7% in its Retail liquor business and 2.5% growth in Hotels. The sales trends improved later in the quarter as the economy reopened further after a spike in Omicron cases in January 2022. The company also noted some disruptions and costs associated with floods in northern NSW and QLD.

Endeavour Group (EDV) 1H22 result

Gross margin boosts earnings

22 February 2022

Endeavour Group reported 1H22 EBIT of $556 million, up 3%. The result was driven by gross margin gains in the Retail business. The company also did a good job in managing costs given the disruptions from COVID-19 during 1H22. We expect most of the gross margin gains seen in recent years to be retained, particularly given the growth of Pinnacle Drinks. However, we are cautious about the performance in FY23e. Overall, we forecast FY23e EBIT growth of 4%, which comprises a 9% fall for Retail and 37% EBIT growth in Hotels.

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