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Retail Mosaic chart pack - Retailer market share

Who's winning and losing in Australian retail

09 February 2024

We have produced a chart pack of retailer performance vs market. This market share report provides two insights – 1) Performance of key ASX-listed retailers compared with market growth. 2) Market structure and individual retailer performance over time. The most interesting perspective about the data in the near-term is the recent sales performance for supermarkets, hardware, liquor, and electronics. The data includes actual six-monthly growth in industry sales to end of December 2023.

Inflation for the March 2023 quarter

Past the peak in retail as well

26 April 2023

Australian inflation of 7.0% in March 2023 quarter suggests price rises peaked in December 2022. We think the same is true of retail prices. Inflation has dropped meaningfully in appliances and furniture prices are starting to fall.  Food inflation has also peaked albeit this is more a function of fresh categories which now have very low inflation such as vegetables and red meat. The unwind of elevated inflation will see retail sales slow. The drop is more noticeable in household goods with a more significant slowdown likely in other non-food categories later in calendar 2023.

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