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Woolworths (WOW) - 1H24 result insights

Era of elevated inflation is ending

23 February 2024

Woolworths 1H24 EBIT growth of 3% revealed a stark contrast amongst its divisions, with Australian Food EBIT up 10%, but NZ earnings down 41% and Big W down 60%. The challenge for the company is that its Australian Food sales are slowing rapidly. We also expect the outsized contribution from eCommerce and Digital & Data to moderate. The concern is lower food inflation crimping Food segment margins and a lower profit margin for Big W. With a change of CEO and weaker food inflation outlook, we expect the earnings outlook on the company to be moderated.

Woolworths (WOW) January 2024 trading update

Difficult outside the core

31 January 2024

Woolworths’ trading update provided comfort that its core business in Australian Food is doing well, but Big W and NZ both have significant challenges that will take years and money to fix. Big W may close stores and NZ is more than three years away from decent margins in our view. The industry backdrop of government scrutiny and fading food inflation will mitigate expectations.

Woolworths (WOW)1Q24 sales insights

Solid but slowing sales trends

30 October 2023

Woolworths 1Q24 sales revealed good growth in its Australian Food division but weak results in NZ and Big W. Woolworths Food division is the driver of group earnings and valuation and is likely to see a further moderation in sales trends over the next year. There is a risk that the positive mix effect on sales unwinds as consumers react to higher prices and income growth is squeezed.

Woolworths (WOW) 3Q22 sales

Maintaining the upper hand

03 May 2022

Woolworths 3Q22 sales results show the company is holding onto market share gains in supermarkets and managing COVID-19 costs more tightly. The pace of inflation is picking up across the board, but the drag on volume is small. We expect supermarket sales trends to be consistent in 4Q22e and Big W should return to growth as it laps an easier baseline with less COVID disruptions.

Woolworths (WOW) FY21 result

Elevated investment persists

26 August 2021

Woolworths reported a solid FY21 result with EBIT up 14% to $3,663 million. Second-half EBIT growth was a little stronger with the unwind of COVID-19 costs and better earnings in Big W. While good earnings growth, underneath Woolworths had higher operating cost growth and elevated ongoing capex. Moreover, elevated capex will continue over the next two years in supply chain and IT.

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