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Endeavour Group (EDV) - 3Q24 result insights

Paddling upstream

08 May 2024

Endeavour Group reported normalised sales growth of 1.0% for 3Q24. The retailer’s challenge is a tough industry backdrop. We expect soft sales trends to continue as the liquor retail industry undergoes a normalisation of volume and pubs experience some trading down behaviour. Even so, sales trends should improve slightly in 4Q24e and FY25e for Endeavour.

Endeavour Group (EDV) - 1H24 result insights

Cost savings protect margins

28 February 2024

Endeavour Group reported 1H24 sales up 2.5% and EBIT up 2.6%.  The company had an increase in gross profit margins and some cost savings to help offset higher operating cost growth. Weak sales trends in liquor are likely to persist throughout 2024 in our view as the industry resets volumes back towards more normal levels post the COVID-19 boom. While higher gross margins can be a red flag, Endeavour is holding market share and the cost savings embedded in 1H24 give us confidence in second half earnings.

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