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Super Retail Group (SUL) - Trading update for May 2024

Getting tougher at the margin

09 May 2024

Super Retail Group’s trading update provides divergent implications with sales improving slightly, but gross margins deteriorating a little in Feb-April 2024. Rebel has accelerated a little, while BCF slowed. The commentary on gross margins is a little softer. The company outlined the implications of its recent wage agreement, which will entrench higher cost growth for FY25e.

Super Retail (SUL) - 1H24 result insights

Sales down, margins too

26 February 2024

Super Retail Group reported EBIT down 3% in 1H24 with cost growth ahead of sales growth. Super Retail Group’s trading update was soft, but its sales trends are unlikely to deteriorate from here. The challenge is operating cost growth of 6.5% is the base case for 2H24e with sales growth of only 1.2%. Wage and rent cost growth will remain elevated.

Super retail (SUL) FY23 result insights

Sales downturn underway

21 August 2023

Super Retail Group reported FY23 EBIT growth of 10%. For the second-half EBIT dropped by 4%. Sales trends have held up well so far and the company has reduced its inventory. However, conditions are likely to be more challenging over the next year. As a result, profit margins will fall. The company will also have rising overheads and costs associated with its loyalty program in FY24e.

Australian retail outlook - is the RBA in a hurry?

Perfect storm for retail

20 June 2022

There is much to debate about when retail sales slow, how far sales drop and how much margin downside will be associated with the sales weakness across the sector. We think the central driver of the debate is how quickly and far interest rates rise. In our base case (67% probability), the RBA reaches 2.5% cash rate by December 2022. In our downside case (33% probability), the cash rate reaches 4.5% by June 2023. There is downside risk to earnings for retailers over the next 18 months. We expect a volatile 12 months and advocate caution.

Super Retail (SUL) May 2022 trading update

Momentum continues

02 May 2022

Super Retail Group’s trading update shows largely consistent sales trends over the past 10 weeks, with LFL sales up 3.4%. Supercheap Auto remains the standout segment. Gross margins are steady and the company is more optimistic about store openings. Super Retail’s PE ratio has derated on concerns about its inventory position. We think those concerns are misplaced given the challenges in securing inventory that will continue throughout 2022.

Super Retail (SUL) 1H22 result insights

More inventory for more sales

20 February 2022

Super Retail Group reported 1H22 sales down 4% and EBIT down 33%. The process of normalisation in earnings has begun. We expect 2H22e sales to rise 1.3% and EBIT to fall 11%. The company’s elevated inventory position is largely skewed towards Supercheap Auto, which in inherently lower risk than its other segments. Operating cost growth will continue in 2H22e given data and digital investments, but there is some flex to manage labour costs to sales.

Super Retail (SUL) outlook for Christmas 2021

Sales and margins hold up well, but costs rising

11 November 2021

We expect Super Retail Group will have a good Christmas trading period and gross margins hold up relative to strong levels from 2020. However, the company does face rising import costs and higher operating cost growth that is likely to lower EBIT margins in calendar 2022.


Super Retail (SUL) initiation of coverage

Fundamental Fix During COVID-19

24 August 2021

We initiate coverage of Super Retail Group. The company may have a challenging six months over the remainder of 2021 given lockdowns and a very high base from 2020. Fundamentally, the company has lifted its online penetration, increased its loyalty cardholder base and reduced discounting. These changes all support higher EBIT margins medium term. Moreover, the balance sheet is net cash.

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